variations in the morning and evening temperature of a true tuberco-

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daily dilated by a bougie of the diameter of a large in-

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ease of the aortic valves, often ceases in a somewhat sudden and

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Smith, Allen J. (80) Trichiuris trichiura. In Tyson's Practice of medicine,

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Marienburg (Westpr.). Berl. tierdrzt. Wchsnch., (1890) 6, 17-21.

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Heilk. f (1893-4), 3. ed., 1, 220-242; also transl: Uchen. zapiski Kasan. Vet.

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of cases. Dr. Taylor's own case is a type of the first variety,

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numerous crystals of cholesterin, and debris of connective tissue, con-

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markable for its richness in urates, and in peculiar coloring matters, to

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herger). In pericarditis they are sometimes confined to a very small

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mucous membrane becomes red, then discolored ; a vesicle filled with

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only practicable while the body is in particular attitudes. (Oases occur

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ing to RokUanahf* masterly description, it comes in this way: At

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exanthemata. In influenza, catarrh must be regarded as a constitutional

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and their interstices has compressed the capillaries and prevented the

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heart, serous membranes, and lungs, set up by this affection of the

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duced from starch, so by this ferment of the lacteal glands

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„ * Read by abstract at the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Philippine Islands

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Soc. med. argent., (1903), 11, 318-342; also: Scmana mcd., (1903), 10,