pain in the umbilical region of the abdomen. The taxis was
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Goodshaw, M.D., Dublin ; George Newman^ M.R.C.S., Glastonbury.*
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and furnished with wash-basins and test appliances. There is
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Muscle. — In the American Journal of tlte Medical Sciences
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the benefit of the apothecaries alcAe, — if people fell sick
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attained later and lost sooner than the total paralysis occasioned
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* Dr. Abel specializes in internal medicine and is affiliated with the Little
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waxy, greenish-yellow complexion, with usually a yellow tinge
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accurately noting- the final results, or of comparing methods
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some acquaintance with the general action of a medicine, we
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Professor CBsterlen of Dorpat has been induced to aflBrm
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words can color and affect conscious (or unconscious)
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rated pulse, red tongue, tense and sensitive abdomen, the umbilical
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d. I am brought now to an idea which is directly opposed
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To use, one opens the envelope of laminated foil, pulls
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force the public health laws of America the way we have tra-
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through formal education programs, rather than assume
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sion of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepa-
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shews us to exist in rhubarb, account for this medicine pro-
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the swelling. The tumour w^as thus completely isolated.
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Curability of Syphilis. — The question as to the active
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Along with the typed manuscript, we encourage you to sub-
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commonly expelled by the glands of this surface somewhere
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people in this country and will give a fair and reason-
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Omni386 (om-nee-three-a-tee-sics) An extremely powerful
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made blood into the veins beyond a certain extent, death en-
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gangrenous, partly in spots, partly in patches, with extrava-
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attacks, these became slighter after the first two doses of Ipe-
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dates, I think not less than G9 were rejected ; and I know by
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tions. In his account of Glasgow Lock Hospital (the only one
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Atlanta, GA. Sponsored by the Southern Medical Associa-
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remarks made by Cuvier which have been quoted against
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podium to present AMA delegate plaques to T. E. Townsend
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bific power of medicine is converted by the hand of the skilful physician
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insoluble there. All the mineral salts would be precipitated
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then absorbed. The hard Gelatine of gristle and bone is not