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the bacilli without localized lesions. The special mode of infection is
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strated their life-saving value. After remonstrating against the ten-
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which commences about noon of the second day. The same symptoms
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having been present in only 11 of the 2000 Munich cases. In a few
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Among the principal causes are — (a) Season. According to m}'- inves-
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Lieut. -Coloncd Andrew ('roil. Saskatoon, who went to France
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of symptoms which leads to recovery. In phthisis and subacute pul-
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than 45 per cent., and may not be nioi'e than 40 ]>er cent, of the
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must judge the value of a remedy by his experience, it follows that failure
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with every medical polyclinic, for the benefit of patients and students
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agents are rarely required, and are not comparable in their good effects
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gent help. The markets are fine; the meats are good; the
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the staphylococcus in the articular exudate of patients suffering from
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tei'minal brnucb idles, where oni' finds complete destruction of the
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treatment becomes apparent very soon to the observant practitioner.
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careful in giving as minute directions with regard to temperature, dura-
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being the lower thii'd of the thigh and the middle third of the
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If this method fails, as it often does in severe types, the cold pack
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whiskey are the better. Colored spirits have more or less
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of a tendency to, but actually of the existence of, tuberculosis." Whilst
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no longer be available for the use of physicians. Where would
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the history of medicine have statistics of such magnitude, from such
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The great operations for show clinics of that day were
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(7 ) Curative Inoculations with Cultures of Serum. — The brilliant results
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confiscatioti at the abattoirs of all carcasses that present marked lesions.
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introduction and outflow of hot or cold water. The entire apparatus
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The general practitioner encounters in his daily routine work many
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one count terrapin. Sherry is a good second in the same pro-
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plied, he could not do it, for the treatment of disease he con-
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]>atella can be securely fixed to the end of the bone so much the
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sumption of spirits as a beverage is gradually declining in
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cent.), and in 1 of these instances 5 relapses occurred ; in 2 others, 4 ;
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pressure and heat sense when intensely irritated, because their percep-
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covered with some impervious material or left uncovered. This ob-
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elasticity upon the surrounding structures. As the latter are expanded
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The Master of Communication Disorders Degree Program
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those of constipated habit. I have found sodium phosphate given