the pharynx. They may originate in the breaking down of syphilitic
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ceed the normal area. The muscular element of the first sound may be
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cytes and round-cells it interferes with the flow of the fluids and the
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ter. Late in the disease the solitary and lenticular glands, especially
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the Academy. The jury of examiners is composed : Of the secretary
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the middle is a greenish fluid ; and the surface is frothy, containing mucus
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sentially from the poison of every other fever. Typhoid, malarial and yel-
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fice, the pulmonary valves themselves being normal. A few autopsies have
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formity, crepitus, history of the accident, and the nature of the injury.
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means of a cone which is made of several thicknesses of newspaper and
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may occur after tuberculosis, the end of the bone being the point of
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maintained. Fracture of the middle third of the shaft can be treated
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may be due to muscular contraction, contraction of the fascia, abnormal
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appearances and etiology are similar to those of pulmonic stenosis. Its
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in the presence or absence of intestinal changes. These are present in ty-
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Ferciission over these tumors elicits dulness corresponding to their extent.
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144. Cortex of kidney in early cirrhotic nephritis (ill
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orrhage and yet will not interfere with the nutrition of the tissues and
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Twisting, volvutus, and the sudden incarceration of loops of the intestine
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attack, but soon becomes accelerated, irregular and intermittent. Pho-
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from without the bowel, or by primary narrowing of the bowel from
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bladder." The hypertrophy of chronic cystitis may be eccentric or con-
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