As organizations accredited for continuing medical education by the Arkansas Medical Society, the organizations named certify that
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Cover photo by A.C. Haralson of the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism.
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opprotunities currently available, call Dan Fuller at 800-325-
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VA Surgery Grand Rounds, Thursdays, 12:45 p.m., VAMC-LR, room 2D109, 1.25 credit hours
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the patient to anticipate and understand what is about
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Dr Oschenheimer, a military surgeon, reports the following case :^A
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in the disease, yet the patient described himself as having enjoyed per-
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the happiness to see their three children remain unaffected by
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upon a spot in the field of the microscope which seems to
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accurately with Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield's
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along with the Health Department. The director. Dr.
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Cardiothoracic Surgery Morbidity & Mortality Conference, 2nd Saturday, 9:30 a.m., UAMS Surgery Dept. Library, room 2S/28D
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article. Manuscripts should be typewritten, double- spaced, and
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looking through this audience, in the eight or nine meetings
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and, as a consequence, the accumulation of fluid in the
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Medicare A, Medicare B, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Medi-Pak
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1744 that a regular course of medicine was tauoht in Glaso-ow,
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other symptoms persisted; the pulse was small and contracted,
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duct. Obviously, the patient who presents with cholangitis is
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sanitary engineers, such as Baldwin Latham, and Fleeming
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for plaintiff attorneys to become more honest and under-
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presence must, to a certain extent, interfere with the elimination
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dolls and medical literature ought to immediately reas-
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doesn’t offer cut-rate malpractice insurance. Call
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eases without necessarily causing either excitation or depres-
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is impossible to perceive such mechanical and chemical changes
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a definite period should be passed in study — a period of three
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cal Society. The Journal reserves the right to make the final
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ate age groups are not receiving regular mammograms. If
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loathing of all food ; tearing and drawing pains in the hands
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wax. These glands are identical in structure with the sudori-
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it requires to act, this (its utility) is more than doubtful,^'*
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are on oral Estrogen supplementation (who are either surgically or naturally menopausal) have a proliferation of the normal fi-
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