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408 Dr. Patterson — Statistics of Glasgow Loch Hospital
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dose is secreted in human milk in proportion to plasma concentrations. Because of
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tongue ; ulceration of the apex of the tongue, having a biting
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Chest Case Conference, 3rd Wednesday, 12:00 noon. Assembly room
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“Our objective is to garner long overdue and meaningful
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healing was now prepared, when he had such a receipt-book
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appointment of examiners to special subjects ; (2) The intro-
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opened by the surgeon," or bursts spontaneously. " The con-
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Further, Dr. T. Chaml^ers records two cases in which eczema
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Surgery Grand Rounds, Saturdays, 8:30 a.m., ACRC 2nd floor conference room
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prevents all bad consequences. If you have an opportunity of
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Arkansas Medical Society, P. O. Box 5776, Little Rock,
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times a day. On the 9th improvement had commenced, the
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* Dr. Avery is chairman of the Loss Prevention Committee at State
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emergency room. She was not diabetic and was on no insulin
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ment, or during or after an attack of pain, other symptoms
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interpretations. The proportion of young women under
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during the operation. He further thought that narcosis
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«d benefit. On the 27th, a swelling of the size of a pigeon^ s
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condary forms of the same malady? that Iodine and Potash
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Pulmonary Conference, Tuesdays, 12:00 noon, Shuffield Auditorium. Lunch provided
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The pubfe was at 120, and hard ; the skin hot ; the tongu
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(1.2%), flushing (0.6%), elevated liver enzymes, reversible non-obstructive paralytic ileus. The
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gastric contents from the fundus to the pylorus and its central
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pulsation in the loins, relieved by bringing up wind ; general feeling
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the tongue dry, with a slimy taste in the mouth ; breathing