was quite below the mark. His marks were — paper 35, oral
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they consist mainly of the products of the ceruminous glands,
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organizations for years have issued position papers on spe-
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tion in the liver. This affection of the spleen is not uncom-
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Whereas, the members of the Sebastian County Medical Society notes with sincere sorrow the recent death of
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patient’s life, but the completeness of the medical record,
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1961, Bowie, TX. Medical education, University of Texas
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amination: — ^iaiomnolencey nocturnal delirium, great heat
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variety after the parts have been thoroughly scraped. It may
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was perfectly cured by the Corrosive Sublimate drops. From
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would have required the physician to be partially responsible
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more urban an area is, the more people are likely to see their
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strong solution of Ferrocyanide of Potassium, and let the other
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tliat the preliminary process of softening may for the time
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parts, comprehends not only an unequal capacity for growth
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was determined to attribute some definite medicinal property,
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dense calcification in the wall of the lesion. The large rounded aneurysmal sacculation just distal to
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back and take a more comprehensive look at these patterns.
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it, to direct its energies hither and thither in the body, and
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Dr. Peeler is survived by his wife, Roberta Stewart
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The legs and the bowel were completely paralysed, and there
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sweating, urticaria, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, erythema multiforme, blurred vision, gyneco-
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* Write letters to the editor of the local newspaper on
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air, let the fveather be tvhat U will. You can choose the best
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be of great practical service. In fact, in the present state of
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ment. Excision of the tonsils is a useless operation in cases of
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Kermett CME Conference, 3rd Monday, 12:00 noon, Twin Rivers Hospital Cafeteria, Kennett, MO
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Pregnancy -Teratogenic Effects -Pregnancy Category C— Oral reproduction studies in rats at doses up
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colon, a more thorough exploration was determined on. When
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sively violent ; and after the fourth, the child began to cry, and iki
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Methodist Hospital of Jonesboro CME Conference, second Tuesday, 7:00 p.m.. Cafeteria, Methodist Hospital of Jonesboro
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Arrangement of Hospitals, contributed, by their authors, for
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reports should include diameter reduction using the above formula as the
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(rt.) The i^roportion of iodoform absorbed is too great.
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Postmaster: Send address changes to: The Journal of the
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