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ination showed, as was to be expected, streptococci and
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article on our civil war. Some history of the poli-
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tions. Or perhaps this is the first experience of the
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ditticult one. The patitnt had a pendulous belly and, as is
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*Read before the Harlem Medical Association, November 2, 1910.
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to us to think that all the accomplishments, all the
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lymphocytes, thirty-three per cent. ; hyaline, sixteen per
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contamination with odors or 'dust, probably contain-
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ed within a comparatively short time after their in-
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complains of fullness. In the colon, about thirty or
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the toxines discloses the fact that the administra-
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partment of Health for the folloiving statement of new
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closely to clinical facts. Pleuritis mediastinalis an-
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more restricted sense, to those of the other organs
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The lower light areas are caused by tha entrance of air into the
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accepted unless properly executed and filed with the Com-
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an attack do not argue conclusively against the car-
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of normal salines in cholera collapse, and furnishes
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Healed oyer after four months. Patient comfortable for one year.
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cation with the not remote possibility of the cultiva-
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therefore, to speak of a neurosis, implying thereby
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after he had taken the drug. I then went to the office and
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Dementia Precox will often prove an embarrassment. Dementia
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at the exercises held in the afternoon. Dr. George W.
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sent of the Board of Trustees from the Transactions of
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tion, the local authorities will be able to put an end
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turbinate the purulent secretion had stopped in twen-
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was as follows: IManhattan. 16.18: the Bronx, 16.02;
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usually been considered conventionally ; that is, as
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to his weight, his appetite was ravenous, he was sleeping
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for this argument, it must be pointed out with all possible
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time on steady improvement was noted. The discharge of
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epidemic of infantile paralysis which developed during the
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use without the application of artificial heat, as ad-
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Reference to the Leg, by Dr. Carl Beck. A general dis-
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tee on Prize Essays of the Medical Society of the State of
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titled The Adrenals in General Pathogenesis. Dr. Ross
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active health, who fell, striking on his left tuber