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There is a custom in Egypt, in respect to the water of the Kile, which, though

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Whose fragrant breezes are poison, and the dews of whose summer evenings are

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Summary: No definite evidence of intracranial pathology.

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she returned to the clinic April 24, 1914 there was very little

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degenerate, in spite of improvements in medical science, and in spite of obliteration

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lady friends of this innocent luxury. Indeed, it is not only not hurtful, unless

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are sometimes seated in the air cells, the bronchi, or upon the surface of the mu-

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of pus per rectum. M. Bernutz knows of no case where a

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1868.] Medical History, ^c, of the American War. 158

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ness increased and she had palpitation and indigestion. Her

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should not gaze upon the serpent till she is fascinated beyond her power to recover;

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being light, elastic, and easily adjusted, so as to support the weight of the under

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retic aspects of the subject, the relation to nephritis, and other

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least one-half of the maladies received from a bad air arise from causes easily under-

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int. Unless the invalid is willing to make sacrifice of time, taste and conve-

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visable for these patients, but I am not so certain about gas with

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the bowels, and follow with the Dysentery Specific, until discharges are regular and

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ful, when the pain suddenly ceased altogether, and the tumor swelled out at the

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How from so f'"til a source? Certainly not. Beware, then, of tampering with

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of the careless empyrics and unprincipled quacks that infest our country under the

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by the poison circulating in it, but because the circulation in the

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must realize that successful surgical treatment of pyloric stenosis

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place in Japan, in some parts of which the disease ^' was pre-

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more Uberal, due to addition of higher class carbohydrate foods.

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" that tlie pelvis is rather smaller in these dark-colored races than in the European

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