and ranking as a specialist in such. He is a member of the Buffalo

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became more quiet, and lay in a deep stupor until the night of

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liquor for medicinal purposes, to favor that which is freest from

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the moment of the denudation of the hypertrophied surfaces to

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the men isolating themselves, as the women and children are

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In 1903, after completing his interneship, Dr. Morrow established

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tory of the discovery of the circulation, recapitulated, divides

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of the medical board of Bellevue Hospital. He is a Fellow of the

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ing this time the vomiting continued, though at times not so

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While in Europe, he was made lecturer on surgery in Rush Medical

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Nerves of sensation in hands and feet paralyzed; does not

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postero-anterior, which are more frequent, especially on the

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Copper Works, Swansea, South Wales, coming to this country in 1886,

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standard of medical education and the maintenance of a professional

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his degree at the College of Physicians and Surgeons

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ted Surgeon to the Philadelphia Hospital, and delivered

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shoulders, the little one being dressed with one pin instead of

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as warm as ioo°. . . . The thirst is usually intense, and cold

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Locomotion." The contributors are Drs. H. R. Arndt, F. E.

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He has many interests outside his professional enthusiasms, espe-

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the ablest gynecologists in the United Slates. Nor is he

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gaged in the general practice of his profession in Bay City, Michigan,

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stitution survived, however, only two years, and again this

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most persons imagine : about all we have learned in the past

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Complications. — Hc^mothorax is the most serious primary

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1891) ; "Water as a Local Anaesthetic" (Med. Rec, November, 1891) ;

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with his mother, followed them in the spring of 1856.

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disease was caused by some undefined noxious substance {mate-

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pox, during the epidemic, among Roman Catholics has, accord-

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subjecting them to his command, any more than that he should

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The Century for January has for its frontispiece a finely

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New York State and County Medical societies. He also belongs to

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radial artery was lately observed at the San Francisco Homoeopathic Hospital.

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or fellowship, in the following: The New York Academy of Medi-

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health — or, at any rate, with none sufficient to excite appre-

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