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in perfect health ; when killed at the end of 141 days its condition
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The Apothecaries' Hall op Ireland. — At a meeting of the
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objects of interest belonging to the following classes, i. New Instru-
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night. Dry wheezing inspiration was heard to the right of the left
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in order to leave a certain degree of sensation in the tissues of the foot.
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"Down yonder on our frontiers, the generous outburst of the towns,
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The Director-General of the Army Medical Department; Messrs. Bollmann,
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4. The conspicuousness of the murmur at tlie apex, though m its
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The appearance of the wounds, the thinness of the patient, and the
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externally showed fine granulations. The parts were disinfected with
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tion. It returned to the seller. The latter (as happens almost always
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dinally near the middle Hne. On examining the sinuses the mucous
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from the mucous to the peritoneal surface, and composed of hard,
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in the anterior chamber gradually became reabsorbed. In spite of
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other organic change. Dr. Gairdner, Clinical Aledicine^ page 374i
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continued distress in the bladder. The symptoms began three years
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various kinds from AustraUa. We believe the mutton hams to which you refer
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a fortnight since by the eruption of a zoster affecting the gluteal region
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nence of urine, \yhich continued for a time without improvement.
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branches of industiy w ere developed, and the old parts of the town in
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the front and the back of the lens ; and since the surfaces of the fibres
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lives have been saved by the operation which would otherwise have
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7. In such cases as voting for members of Council, or members of
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In this institution, between the years 1859 and 1S69, both being in-
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lent character, and moveable under the skin. The shoulders, sides,
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•object with a metallic lustre : it was imbedded below and on each side
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was continued. Two and a quarter fluid drachms of ether were
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dependent on the general state of health, or on some disturbance of
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and directed forwards, flexion was impossible, but weight could be
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Under the influence of the spraj^ and of the traumatol, especially of
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More complex treatment has been recommended, but the above is
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swollen, but urine was freely passed. There was no after-contraction.
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The evacuations were frequently repeated; and at 7 P.M., he died.
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bone, and that cases where this could be done were very rare. Another
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Result. — At the commencement of December the mare returned to
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the joints are inflamed. Tissue-repair is gravely interfered with during
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intra-peritoneal injections with i c.cm. (fifteen minims) of vanadine
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Mr. Carr Jackson contributes a Rib from a Sheep, showing bony
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The local treatment of acute eczema is best commenced as follows: —
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Graily Hewitt, M.D. I. On a New Instrument for Securing the
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February last. It occurred at the Salop Infirmary, imo which a man,
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not touch food, but greedily drank cold water. Urine normal.
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was a horny growth, conical in shape, covering a surface about three
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204. A collie bitch suffering from a tumour about the size of a