and in about half an hour he could swallow ; and in another
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band in the history of medicine. Of this book, Pagel, Professor of
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the meeting of the American Medical Association at New Orleans.
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great interest. Professor Head and Professor Holmes of London,
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He was physician to St. Luke's and Presbyterian hospitals, and sur-
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action. She was not conscious of any pelvic troubles, but has
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stance that Dr. Albee is yet a young man, hardly in the prime of
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I have received two communications from lady graduates, in-
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which case it will be returned condemned, and should be at
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suggestions to them. But Sims's views soon gained ground,
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granted to exist in many cases of difficult menstruation is, by
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the Medical Corps of the National Army. In November, 1917, he was
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tional equipment of learning and skill. Dr. Bulkley is a representa-
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' with pain in his knee, which he kept flexed all night. There
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University of Griefswald, where he studied during the year 1847-48,
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to do in these cases with a specific pneumonia, or with an ordinary lobar pneu-
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Philander H. Hollister, father of Frank C. Hollister, was in the
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The application of a solution of nitrate of silver from two to
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Edmund Charles Wendt, M.D., in association with Drs. J. C.
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such practical importance, belong perhaps to this class. Various authorities
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of the community ; that, as legislation on this subject has a direct bearing
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