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(Table II). Acute coronary occlusion during PTC A occurred
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Whereas, the U. S. Congress and the state legislature
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patches, the scales of which have been previously removed by
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symptoms of Chamomilla, Rhus, Pulsatilla, Nux vomica, Cina,
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1987. Dr. Acer reported to the CDC that he was “shocked”
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motivated, and volume/revenue driven, we will certainly welcome the opportunity to talk with
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smile at the unaccountable infatuation of others who adopted
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state ; the chlorate of potash supplies oxygen to assist in oxy-
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results of his own experience, on that almost universally diffused affec-
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Unfortunately, no organization routinely produces esti-
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As seen in Figure 4, the pancreas is usually anastomosed intraperitonealy to the right iliac vessels with the
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fungus and pus, the cavity all the while enlarging." (Gannett.)
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condition(s), the consultation codes should not be used.
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OB/GYN Grand Rounds, Wednesdays, 7:45 a.m., UAMS Education Bldg., room G/131B
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injection of iodine and glycerine, the author considers, ought
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70%), beta-HCH (3-14%), gamma-HCH (1 1-18%), delta-
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between the two groups was not statistically significant
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session. As incoming president of the auxiliary for 199 1-92,
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pany the article and should identify one author as the correspon-
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and it took certificates very freely from London and Dublin
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to a free alkali* Thus these salts fulfil a double function.
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unsatisfactory. Ehrlich's method he states to be better than
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as with other ACE inhibitors, it is a possible consequence of therapy in salt/volume depleted patients, such as those previously
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cian — Edward C. Chepmell, M.D. Consulting Physician, — P. F. Curie,
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Chemistry can indeed give us the useless information, that
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cholangiogram is mandatory and we feel this portion of the
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get radical change that would destroy all that is good about
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of life. The remedies would seem, however, to be, to a certain
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on what the American Medical Association is doing for each
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ject are agreed that the psychical functions and the power of
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that this or that medicine (of the peculiar and pure effects of
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18 weeks old, which, after three weeks of ordinary cough, got
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how digitalis acts. The great matter for the practitioner to