as well. We’re taxing ourselves at the rate of about 19% of

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esophagitis, including erosive and ulcerative esophagitis,

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you. ...and only a minimal investment of money.. ..$5, 000.

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according to the technique described by Raz, 9 (Fig. 4).

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Haematics are very numerous, and very important : I shall

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Of course I’m not really president of the State Medical

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But the '* Society de Medecine" had concluded that a homoeopathic

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Eighty-seven patients received dextran and 105 were in

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future, you can have more assurance in reaching your

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own eye and represent the substance magnified 14,400 times.

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pulse became rather better and not quite so rapid, and his

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99322 Domiciliary or rest home visit for the evalu-

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reflect different volumes of adipose tissue or elimina-

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and away from the feet, such that what appear to be Q waves in the inferior leads are in fact negative delta waves.

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In the first table it will be observed that the average mor-

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specimen of his method of proving medicines, which will be

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Medicine Journal Club, alternate Thrusdays, 7:30 a.m., ACC Medicine Clinic conference room

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Orthopaedic Research & Education Foundation 577

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artery overlapped by tendons, occasioned considerable diffi-

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P.S. When, in the present hospital-fever, the headache is

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organ pancreas transplantation has become clinically successful. 1 However, isolated and sequential pancreas

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gut, more or less numerous protuberances are generally dis-

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of health returned, and then the increased urinary and alvine discharges

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maxim, " digitalis fills the arteries and empties the veins."

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Dislocation of Elbow — backwards — partial fract. of coracoid,

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districting will determine what happens to health-care issues

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cephalitis lethargica that occurred pandemically be-