Physician inquiries continue about patient access to
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function of the nursing service, documenting client care,
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among those works by Artemidorus Capiton, and his kinsman
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Pediatric Research Conference, 1st Thursday, 12:00 noon, 2nd Floor Classroom
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basic matter which should be present to neutralize it, this
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effects of Mercury to the presence of Arsenic or some such
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ter on the law relating to lunacy, to which we have alread}'
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5226. With reference to this question of preparing students,
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would certainly be most conclusiye in favour of the view adopted above.
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Exp. 2.»-Ten grains of strong mercurial ointment (containing half
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These are all so fully recorded, and sources of error so care-
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position or endorsement of The Journal or the Arkansas Medi-
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a morbid material or process, and must pass out of the
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have our own gauge about how "hot" a topic may be in
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physiology, and that if he satisfied them on re-examination he
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committee to determine the extent to which black pa-
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all the " Biographical notices contained in the Necrological
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not to vaunt that you can cure the dysentery. Your cures
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AMS Committee on AIDS Joseph M. Beck, M.D., Chairman
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it when it has subsided, because it is a good recipient for
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effect m male mice, atiiougti hyperplastic nodufes of the ver were raeasec n re
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had continued to this day ? The suggestion made by Dr.
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what such matter was composed of while it possessed vitality,
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ifil inadequate for the purpose it is assumed to fulfil. ^< In inor-
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the Tobacco Free Y outh Bill, Act 543 of 199 1 . This commit-
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Rothesay. The population of Glasgow was then 7,000, and
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and rapid return to self-care and employment, this operation
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other day and broke the glass in the governor’s office; a big
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* See marked example of this described iu paper by writer entitled,
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Bom, September 1, 1959, Opelika, AL. Medical Educa-
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LR Vascular Conference, time & date varies monthly, rotates between UAMS, SVI & BMC
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This man, who is 29 years of age, a grinder by occupation,
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the appointment of examiners for degrees. And if the extra-