and essences of all the principal disedses incident to the human body, are

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been so fully demonstrated, that since the homoeopathic cures could not

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counter irritation and blood-letting are deemed most impe-

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excite the interest of your old patients - all this without requiring more work from

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into the lungs. It rapidly causes death when dropped into

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with all due respect to the members of that association, has

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iodoform were : digestive disturbances, drowsiness, giddiness,

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Cardiac Tonic. — Prof. Germain See publishes a very interest-

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diapliragm. Tlie surface of the ghmd was nodular, while the

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stances, they don't, but as they achieve some level of

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does not seem to me that these ideas can be successfully

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by what is called reflex nervous action. Though this impres-

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resolution (the resolution of almost all ordinary physicians

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was obtained by chance, — not by scientific induction. All that

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They are trying to generate more revenue and keep their folks

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his powers, of which he has enough, to the careful exercise of

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sutticient, and sometimes, perhaps, not ([uite fair to the candi-

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exertion which is immediately followed by stool, or a discharge of thick

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with nitre, and the effect upon each of the individual provers

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sics, which was written, as the candid author informed Mr fs..

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The public health benefit of notification of patients who

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the spirit of the New Doctrine, he shows both the scientific

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health of the inhabitants of the farm, but also to the public

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so alarmed her husband that he wished her to cease con-

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opposition made to Homcoopathy by the old school, and the constant and

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only a very little flowed at each time ; the whole quantity, however, was

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far as the knee, and then up to the hip ; the pain speedily subsided upon

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Managing Editor, Arkansas Medical Society, P.O. Box 5776,

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system ever offered to physicians in private practice, is now

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most simple : — Spread a thin layer on a cover glass, and let it

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