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down); but it did not include many houses in respectable

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gence of the patients precluding the possibility of a residence

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* Carbo. animalis and yegetabilis, Euphorbium, Mercurius, Pulsa^

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disease. He went as an unelected delegate to the convention

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these spots small elevations, while the surrounding skin was red and

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spasmodic pain were due. The apparently vicarious discharge

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latter is a brown, which does not stain the ground substance

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with some sebaceous matter, the colour is a darker brown,

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says, " Rather fruitless contortions than satisfactory evacaa-

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We must not, however, incorporate such symptoms in the list

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(a) That there belongs to the same medicine a number of

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Bom, April 9, 1959, Edwards, CA. Medical education.

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* Install a private telephone line in your office that is

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deception to perfection. This practice has been in vogue for

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Rock. Bom October 26, 1960, Mesa, AZ. Medical educa-

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motor vehicle-related fatalities among children-United

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15 of our schools offer such a comprehensive program.

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of this risk, oral verapamil is contraindicated in such patients. AV block may occur (2nd- and

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distortion of the eyes, glance of the eye wild, fixed, eye di-

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tion difficult, the pulse small and rapid, the skin dry, and she

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the schema of Hahnemann — on the contrary, it should consist as much

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to demonstrate platelet deposition at PTCA sites. 2 This

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from the fertile pen of M. Liebig of Giessen, who is rightly

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automobile travel on our roads and highways, should

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boiling water, and rather soft. As soon as it is ready, it

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bered. Manuscripts are not returned; however, original photo-

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C. Cameron performed Dr. Morton's operation, the punctures

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A very peculiar mode of life prevailed in Hahnemann's house. The

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good milk becomes by " standing," how much more by standing in the

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and hearing of the other candidates. In the adjudication of

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3» four times daily, and eold maahings^ cured tlie patieot in

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to doubt even if he may be able to pass the examination for

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nating and bleeding. A meatotomy and dilatation had

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