in one-third of patients. The ocular signs and ataxia may improve after only a meal ortwo in the hospital
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more likely to occur, as, being frequently inherited, a history
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water, when a faint colour will return, then place the cover
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and the result of this is a general diminution of the amount
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VA Medicine-Pathology Conference, Tuesday, 2:00 p.m., VAMC-LR, room 2D109
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AMA’s CPT Editorial Panel has taken the lead in revising
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as old as medicine. It was one of the doctrines of Hippo-
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Forty Illustrations. London : Bailliere, Tindall & Cox. 1882,
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not that Dr. Acer needed to have the guidelines and recom-
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at the very outset. It is quite possible that the long continued
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here the difficult problem to resolve— to distinguish the true
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concomitant symptoms disappear, but the hooping-cough itself
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month, to open her eyes, except towards evening, and always
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astrous. Huxham was so confident of its pernicious effects, in
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But we have now to do with Cathartics that act by topical
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bered. Manuscripts are not returned; however, original photo-
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tinguished the end of the last, and the first half of the present
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tachlor epoxide, a metabolite of the chlorinated cyclodi-
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it should then be quickly wrapped in the strip of flannel
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Medicare A, Medicare B, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Medi-Pak.
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It is to be hoped that the Glasgow practitioners, like those
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rarely in' the case of the nurse on the nipples, and rarely is
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Heights General Hospital, Ohio, 1987. Residency, General
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The mucous memDrane of the stomach, duodenum, and co-
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Fayetteville, Mountain Home, Batesville, Jonesboro,
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Urology Adult Subject Oriented Conference, once monthly, 5:00 p.m., VAMC-LR, 4D
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will address differentiation between depression and normal
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have appeared in one or other of these periodicals ; whoever,
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professes to be, and apparently is, a digest of these widely
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wounds were thoroughly healed, and the patient was dismissed
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that some poisons and medicines, as Hydrocyanic acid and
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rather over 101° having been the highest recorded; the