reflex centres. The bromide of potassium joins to its sedative
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syphilis." This dictum might be applied with an equal degree
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patients ACCUPRIL will achieve the decrease in blood pressure
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that we might induce the medical men to experiment by keep-
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Mosetig-Moorhot', ib., No. 11, and Sammlwng Klin. Vortrdge,
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202 North Virginia, Post Office Box 1 638, Springdale, AR 72765
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Attendance, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, from 9 till 10 A.M.
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which Ues in it to be obtained by a hasty perusal, such as suffices for
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trol, to adopt, in exceptional cases of emergency, other modes
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sitions are so stated, that the overthrow of any one of these
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that they are very good and clever, but really they ought to
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the patient made an uneventful recovery. Analysis of the
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or at the end of the third or fourth day. The following are
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back them up with the nation’s largest malpractice law
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as to prove the presence of the poison ; so that there yet
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But ii^ th^ learned classification of Dr. Pereira. blood-medi-
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Count Brunnow is already well known as the able trans-
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eral important facts have emerged that may help us under-
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tion, health promotion and the Occupation Health and Safety
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butic state, and dissolve the albuminous element of the blood,
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College of Medicine, Bronx, NY. Fees: $395. For more
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of world-wide reputation and authority, whom we all
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consultations were quite workable. They also provided
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1989), reported that a survey of occupation health nurses in
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Berzelius. A few years ago, we were acquainted with many
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determine which species of tick in Arkansas carry the
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of the fibres and the abnormal state of the nerves was in-
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i llecherches Anatom. Patholo'jlques sur quehjues Maladies de rEnfance,
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grammes of water. Under the use of this medicine, steady improvement
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sources" of major tobacco companies. "If you are in the
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— D. M., aged 54, came into hospital on the 4th of July, com-
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been the rupture of the left coronary vein consequent probably on what
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