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Diseases of the Heabt. A Clinical Text-Book for the Use of

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in each manner, each receiving a number of baths. I

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fur Chirurgie, for February, 1900. In this Martin reports a

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meeting of this society will be held in Huron, June 10 and 11.

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There were no localizing. symptoms. The patient had «pileptic

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the first six days of May 107 cases were reported, and since

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which are increasing in prevalence, notably nervous dis-

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mortality rate, which has continued up to the present

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Two cases came to autopsy from dysentery, and the abs-

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which we have arrived at our present estate, and the

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septa, tendon sheaths and even the interosseous mem-

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sum than the amount of the bill, he could not afterward col-

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may be devised whereby a small number of delegates should

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Revue Hebd. do Laryngologie, Etc. (Bordeaux), April 13 and 20.

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ditional time required of each physician, but thia is an

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way connected with the work of publication must be endorsed

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stitution or disease, and the tendency to make use of a large

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mittees are all made subordinate to the State Association. So

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disease in which the reaction does appear. There has

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without destroying sexual desire, by ligating the Fal-

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This paper had special reference to the diagnosis and treat-

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strates that there is a marked contraction of this space

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the level of the hip-joint, permitting the flaps to be

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79 'Paralysis of the Sphincters of the Anus Caused by the Forci-

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ance and feel of the structure of the two hips became

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though no external agents could have irritated them. He

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Whooplng-Cough a Contagious Disease. — At a recent

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The question as to whether this was a tuberculous pan-

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information. The condition of the renal permeability

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mittee is directed to be constituted. No one appointed on a

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mittee, after consultations with the members of the Association,

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and the relationship between the two conditions has given

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in the pain from the inflammatory reaction following the op-

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use of inderal

using inderal polygraph

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shall so conform in all other branches of instruction,' therefore,

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followed by a chronic condition of the joints, and as to

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conclusive as in later life, because of the possibility of an in-

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streets, and the dirtier comments on tiie city, with which