is the loss of appetite, increased weakness, and emaciation, that
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great extent, by the use of chloroform, and by the employment of
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The patient is frequently tortured by a cough which has its origin
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three hours. She was quickly relieved, and spent a good night ;
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reverse ; indeed, out of 41 cases recorded here, only four recovered.
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an increase of our knowledge, if not of its very simple structure,
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a large number of tests are made the average results are in confor-
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can be found in all organs and it has a tendency to produce pneu-
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have the production of precipitins, agglutinins, opsonins, and also,
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Weisse of New York to Mr Erasmus Wilson, published in the
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be able to engage in active employment, and yet never exhibit any
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muscles of the ball of the right thumb, and in the right deltoid. In
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(%-% S^-) hypodermically, are very seldom used on account of their
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long as possible before aspirating, as in such cases the exudate usually
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abundant food. Since the increase of the blood pressure must be care-
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ings, I found him with symptoms of congestion of the lungs and
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Except for the very high reduction originally reported from
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fessor Hallier, of Jena, has advanced that cholera is produced by
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This gives an average of 1,165,000 per cubic centimeter for the 37 cows, maxi-
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districts in 1861-62 led the Government of Bengal to appoint a
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The so-called formic baths are also recommended in which formic acid
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and suicides with their causes, and the condition of mind leading
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made from tapioca, sago, etc., sometimes with meat preparations (soma-
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move. 4.41. — Convulsed. 4.44. — Lies unconscious, but convulsed.
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and carrots should be cooked with the meat. With the beginning of the
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present to enter into details as to the mode of carrying out that proposal."
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For we know that in diabetes some carbohydrates are oxidized much
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pensated valvular lesions I have rarely found such frequent feedings
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in oxygen consumed as determined in the cold, both values falling
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In the new edition of Mr Poland's paper on Animal Poisons, we
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against extracts of lentil flour he obtained anti-sera which reacted with this material
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organisms were then subjected to careful cultural study, and their
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of the bowels often terminating in enteric fever. Since he had
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The above statements may be held as true, because the relative
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deposit occurred during the last few weeks of the patient's life, when
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May 24: Purulent discharge from eyes; skin eruption.