Irrigation of the bladder has long been in vogue as a remedial or
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fact not being appreciated that we cannot reduce the internal tempera-
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to, the best Chesapeake and Delaware oysters. Here we see
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tongue has a coating of a yellowish-white color, becoming dry and brown
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(a) Stage of Development. — The invasion, as a rule, is gradual, the
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June 8th. Frequent reports have reached me stating that Mrs. D. is a
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Turkish bath is usually prescribed, the hot-air bath as here described,
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among those who have died of other diseases, or in the full bloom of health
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Another condition which is important in the production of temper-
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in the spring or early summer. There are sterile clusters in
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meninges. Special clinical varieties arise from these localizations {vide
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mously. I have seen the quantity rise from thirty to one hundred and
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ii'regular course, a moderate febrile movement with somewhat character-