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Edited by Frftoois Gorney Smith, M,D., aad J. B. Biddle, M.U. Pub-
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I of the Physician s Recognition Award of the American Medical Association.
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other writers, and where I am disposed to differ from them.
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Let it not be alleged, " that not unfrequently many a severe
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Interdisciplinary AIDS Conference, 2nd Friday, 12:00 noon. Southwestern Bell/Arkla room. Sandwich buffet served
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changes as they happen in Arkansas medicine. In response to several requests, we offer the guidelines below. Following these
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buboes and laying bare the femoral vessels in their sheath,
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examination of the diseased structures made by Dr. Thin and
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* Ask about the patient’s family. Some physicians jot
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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Area Health Education
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She had no sleep in the night, and had all sorts of Strang