I have met with a few cases of persistent bronchial hemorrhage which
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gressively increases in size occasions atrophy of the parts with which it is
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feces fail to show the presence of a calculus, or of calculi. The failure to
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tion is produced, the symptoms are the same. They are, in fact, identical
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ential diagnosis. Dr. Stokes has known gastritis to be mistaken for pneu-
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however, it was found to be highly albuminous. The patient went
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he began his. As I was, soon after graduation, engaged by Dr.
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ments on account of the tense condition of the muscles, the
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canal. The mental apath}^, anorexia, vomiting, and the occasional oedema,
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able, but pjerseverance in the employment of supporting measures is some-
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found a most congenial companion, who shared with him the toils
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f#r fuse accompany each apparatus, or will be supplied on application.
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which it may induce per se, but it is incidental to the seat of the inflam-
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and healthy man, after snffering from intermittent fever, became
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INDICATIONS.— Loss of Nerve Power (so usual with Law-
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and opium to relieve pain. Dr. Jackson confesses his inabilit}' to form
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rad, M. D., of the Pennsylvania Hospital, the mean annual tempe-
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were evidently greatest in the right iliac region and immediate
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most rebellious to therapeutical measures, but in other cases it is readil}'
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Chronic pneumonitis, or cirrhosis of the lung, is irremediable, and,
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favor the affection, but it is probable that other causes are generally more
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cure of habitual constipation and atonic dyspepsia.
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pretend to determine. It is a matter of pure moral calculation and
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We respectfully ask thorough testing, strictly UPON ITS OWN MERITS,
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accordance with the custom of the time, was published in
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in the light of ii duty, not to be omitted a single day except from neces-
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pathological connections. The chief local effect is axlema, but it may con-
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in mind that, if the greater part of the worm be expelled, although the
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and amphoric respiration and voice, were finely marked. The upper por-
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the right side was affected, if a large number of this class of cases were
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and a teaspoonful of Hoffinann's anodyne by the mouth if restless.
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rarely inflamed in conjunction with acute hepatitis. The etiology of the
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ment of the excretory functions of these organs may lead to an accumu-
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tirely precluded the idea of an aneurism being the cause of the
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the circumstances with which it is connected. Occurring in connection
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essential to its occurrence, as was at one time supposed. It is an affection
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