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Stimulated left sympathetic (11 cm. between coils). .
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With regard to the seven guinea pigs which succumbed to the second
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5. The order of its effects on the vital functions seems to be — ^loss
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Experiment 23.— Patient 318, age 32 years (Text-fig. 2). Index = 0.02.
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career, showed no particular inclination for that branch of medicine
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or uneasiness excited by pressure upon the throat or epigastrium.
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heart's blood was used for each succeeding inoculation. Since that
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fevers. He died apparently from the direct influence of the rabid
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normal precardial dullness; no change in the heart sound. Von Pirquet reaction
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band prevents the obliteration of the artery to the nearest branch, the
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sons, the peculiarity of position, and the nature of the intercourse be-
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James Thomas Mitchell, Univ. N. Y., "91, Colchester.
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spread over both hemispheres. The symptoms in children are somno-
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the influence of the preparation could be seen. The test proved,
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Stained nuclei of parasites whose cytoplasm has faded are shown
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which may at any time cause embolism. All these changes are gradual in
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the pain in the testicles will continue after the subsidence of the fever, and
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on the morning of the 21st the child was born, without instrumental
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presented at the earliest day. Glad, as the occupations of a prac-
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into the vein apparently progressively increased with the lapse of
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the members of the Society from eight to eleven, at his
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Dr. Francis West^ reports thirty persons re-vaccinated by him;
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bination of coughing and hawking, might easily be compared to
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still grant diplomas to men so poorly equipped as were
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Treatment. — In one who has the prodromal symptoms of apoplexy, or
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indication of the powerfully original mind of Still
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Resolved, That the College adjourn to meet at nine o'clock to-mor-
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histories of Guinea Pigs 8 and 9. Both had received essentially the
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is one thing I know about radium," says M. Curie, "it is that it unll
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of a very formidable character, and its accession is usually sudden
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Account cftwo cases qf Retroversion of the Uterus^ trith a DescripHon
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itself as the hemoglobin of the corpuscle appears to be intact, while the parasite
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For our partial problem the deviation of the normal differentiation
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