{Giornalc Vcndo di Scicnze Mcdiche, Ser. iii. T. 2, 1870.)
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a native Southern animal or one which has recently been
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than this one, and which eventually entirely recovered. Such
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would lead me to substitute " in some few instances" as being
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patient will degenerate under the indifference and harsh usage
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fully the advantages which are yours to aid for a little while, but some religious excite-
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heart, serves also to indicate the activity of the pulmonary circula-
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will most likely be disappointed with the before resorting to surgical interference,
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5. SCHUTZ. Der Streptococcus der Druse der Pferdes. Arch. fur.
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tent to rest upon the results of its use in your practice.
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examined. From two cases pure cultures of streptococci were
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examined before the publication of Lignieres' results, and the
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by others, between Dr. Ames and M. Tessier. While the latter
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oil, 20 grains caused a i3-pound dog to at- advise the use of large doses of extract of
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A considerable number of lesions may be found elsewhere
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the transmission and pievention ; and if showing casts or photographs of them in
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spontaneously, the heart could still be caused to contract by
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print for L^»emarii.] for Virginia, North and South Carolina,
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mysterious influence, escaping my observation, different from the
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guineous, and somewhat offensive fluid. The application of
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blood; phosphorus for starved brain cells, would be rational and profitable in most
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of any of the orifices, founded on acoustic phenomena, are to be
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Aug 14. Has spent a pretty quiet night. Head still too hot ;.
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local venereal swellings, chancerous ulcers and cicatrices,
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ite series of symptoms and lesions, the affection is designated
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when proper and careful inquiry would have supplied physio-
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§ 208. Symptoms. The first local changes in the genital
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more reliable remedies advised for other intestinal parasites
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ly noticeable in the restless, excited condi- because of the nausea it would produce,
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sionally in those of the upper extremities, indicate regurgitation
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stitution. In the greenhouse patients assist A physician accompanies the sufferer to the
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The editor regrets very much that he has ^mining Board? It would be like it was
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when he died. He was known throughout very high rank, he proved clearly that his
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Paralysis of the face and extremities, occurring on the side oppo-
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asked to have his abdomen opened, and the foreign body thus removed.
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constructive pathology and therajDeutics. If Dr. Satchwell and
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much more is ANASARCIN in dropsies resulting from disease of the heart,
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