Mediquik is seeking qualified physicians for full-time and part-time staffing in our fast-paced

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vaginal discharge and attacks of septicismia. She obtained

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F.R.C.S. Second edition. London : J. & A. Churchill.

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result in 10 cases. He states that " this operation is to be

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has given our patient the greatest opportunity to return to a

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On this occasion nineteen, or nearly two-thirds, failed, of

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two conditions, first, its own qualities, and secondly, the susceptibility of

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nent and no longer require intermittent self catherization.

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has a cohesive single State Department of Health, encom-

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have attempted to prove that the action of saUne liquids in

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Let us now proceed to the consideration of the first divi-

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158 Glasgoiv and West of Scotland Medical Association.

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Sense of contusion of the limbs, especially at the back and

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ciation Auxiliary. They brought greetings and told of up-

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5. Henderson DK, Gerberding JL: Prophylactic zidovudine after

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esophagitis, including erosive and ulcerative esophagitis,

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On a New Method of Treating Scabies (From a Correspon-

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Many states have by legislation granted the patient the

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adductor longus muscle, and asked the boundaries, shape, and

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I saw him on the 5th, when his mother told me he was bet-

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Dr. Scott Orr and Dr. Wood Smith examined alternately in

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impoverish the blood, which, indeed, suffices to prove my first

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Years Day! That means every day you postpone getting your MEDX

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4036. You yourself in the earlier part of your career were a

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Although the vast majority of people support the use of