for the long period of monopoly in medical teaching that the
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should he intimately acquainted with the specific operation of every suh-
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purgatives are given with advantage in diarrhoea, on the
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daughters. He takes a walk regularly every afternoon round the town
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Interesting Case Conference, 4th Tuesday, 12:00 noon, St. Bernards Dietary conference room. Lunch provided.
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United States of America, France, Belgium, Switzerland,
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gastroesophageal reflux. He had a history of increasing pain, attributed to his reflux, overthe past several weeks, cul-
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Tanyard Springs: Winner of Family Circle Magazine’s
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certain notes, the pendulous velum should be pressed up
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— ^what is approved and what condemned. In some cases
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he could not hear with the stethoscope in consequence of an
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serves as the primary link between them and the com-
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Gil Radiology Conference, Tuesdays, 8:00 a.m., UAMS Radiology conference room, Ml/293
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or the possibility of crippling accidents. Most people who are
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96 and regular, and thei'e was a roughening of the first cardiac
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under this treatment ; it was observed in only two cases, and
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tion ; .but from that time the sight gradually lessened, so that, in Jan-
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list of a month's cases — say September, which is the last
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Three persons were named recipients of the inaugural
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tended over a larger surface. The mucous membrane either
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society that not only are we visiting this debt on an unborn
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able samples from the survey in Arkansas were at the
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mere question of the preponderance of acid or of alkali in
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and then, having washed them with water, follow out the
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who but rashly had adopted it, and unchanged in its princi-
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•their theories into such minute details, where it is impos-
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Association Auxiliary; Mrs. David Williams, president,
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ticipation of all physicians in the state will the powerful input
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upon it. He volunteered the information that this instru-
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Committee as follows: District #1 , Richard O. Martin, Para-
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with Dr. Larry Lawson on the Council and Executive Com-