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for bacilli is now generally employed as a means of diagnosing

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Were it possible to remove all the stains of the nature

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tient relationship, can muddy diagnostic decisions and

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cacuanha, the colic and diarrhoea disappeared, and in 14 days

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the latter weeks, the very marked contraction and pucker-

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Editor: Steven R. Nokes, M.D., is in private practice and is affiliated with Radiology Consultants in Little Rock.

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drug ingestion either at the time of presentation or in the past. The patient was given thrombolytic therapy and referred

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bling, and nnally convulsions. Want of animal heat in the

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have been applied, and still less should Mercurial ointment

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It is our opinion that the fiducial qualities of the

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thinner and darker coloured, and loses its power of spontane-

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ever, the likelihood of exposure of the patient to an HCW’s

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We intend this paper for the beginner in Homoeopathy; for

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astringent medicines act by tanning the gelatine of the several

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system as much as their addition. For example, palsy of one

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2. Berk RN, Ferrucci JT, Leopold GR. Radiology of the Gallbladder and Bile Ducts, 1 983; pgs. 22-28.

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and the portals of eternity opening for her ; and, beside this

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and almost without his consciousness. Dr. Kelsey uses a

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5225. Have you any reason to suppose that the examin-

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brownish mark over the middle dorsal vertebrae. On examin-

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the senses. The superhuman aspect they derived fi^m thie

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• $3.4 million to fund an effective program encom-

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Health. Category I credits available. For more infor-

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Exp.^.-— Six drachms of the same salt were given in eighteen ounces

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error. In many cases it exercises no action worth estimating

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The new CPT codes presented in this issue represent

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though not an avowed or pure one* He has confined his attention,

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of the College of Surgeons. I believe that at the college the

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They take this as a distinct proof that the improvements in