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ture, must the rare operation of a drug be derived ! How

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cians typically spend 20 minutes at the bedside and on

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If bowel is herniated, the diagnosis is straightforward. In the past this was confirmed with

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Now the object in the treatment of such diseases is to

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in some of the cases where the disease originates in or near the

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A more philosophical investigation of the History of Medi-

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sports. It is one of the few sports we play where we do

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hepatitis B vaccine among HCWs. The limited number of

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6. We have already considered some few mineral substances

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College of Physicians, on 7th June, by Dr. Keating. The

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J. B. was admitted on the evening of the same day, with

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mainly confirmed by M. Lehmann. M. Bernard states fur-

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that, moreover, without exposing the patient to the danger of

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of the former was of a deep red, full of erosions, softened, easily

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exceedingly poisonous, whilst caffeine, quinine, &c., are not so.

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Senna, Aloes, and Gentian, are probably of the same nature.

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had not sustained any direct injury, and the history of the

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Because cross sensitivity in this class of compounds has

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With The Medical Protective Company, there’s no doubt.

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third day, the necessary quantity of Belladonna, and they had

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This man, who is 29 years of age, a grinder by occupation,

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a woman suffering from endometritis after abortion, took 80

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the stomach. No trace of inflammation in the liver, kidneys and

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I also employed the extract of Belladonna, dissolved in water, in cases

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VA Surgery Grand Rounds, Thursdays, 12:45 p.m., VAMC-LR, room 2D109, 1.25 credit hours

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