Faculty Resident Seminar , 3rd Thursday, 12:00 noon, Sturgis Auditorium

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with carbolic oil of a weak sti'ength. To describe the

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recovery of the patient thereby greatly retarded, if not altogether pre-

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and foimd in a state of convulsions. During the presence of Dr. Scheible,

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For complete medical information around the clock...

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pharyngitis developed itself, attended with constrictive pain in the gullet,

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did not exist. The examination in clinical surgery was very

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in the way of teaching, and appointed that the visitor and

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Neutropenia/Agranulocytosis: Another ACE inhibitor, captopril, has been shown to cause agranulocytosis and bone marrow

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sary, and all of the members brought into one organi-

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cepted the resolution regarding laser surgery adopted by the

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a dose only every alternate day in the evening — ^first of the one»

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support and on-site service by GE for one full year.

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of Ocular Surgery News, one of the leading ophthalmic

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eye for about twelve weeks prior to 29th May last; that

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system, chronic spasms and other nervous affections, and passive

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of the one, in comparison with that of the other. Whether

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should not be administered to patients with a history

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dies that have been used in Syphilis, and considers that they

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sequent stagnation in the capillaries, especially those of the

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skill, but that the child died from syncope during its

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acquaintance with the action of a large variety of medicines

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ments (Fig. 3). A suture of #1 proline was placed at the

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of the health issues being debated around the country. I have

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changes are sure to follow. One such change made by

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in the lower or feecal portion of the intestinal canal^ which is

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The plan, as in the past, is a defined contribution

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offers to the allopathist more frequent opportunities of testing

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effects (and often quite indubitable ones) are frequently mani-

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tration of strength ; the evacuations corrode the anus, and cause pain*

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She herself felt better in respect that the pain in her chest

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system remained as it was, with its imaginary thing to be cured,

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