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cold water ultimately freed the Professor from the attacks of giddiness,

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fear of facing the examinations in London, are we to undei'-

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In a similar manner {id., 1815, Sept., p. 128) the healing

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ter : the more frequent, decomposed, and foetid the evacua-

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As organizations accredited for continuing medical education by the Arkansas Medical Society, the organizations named certify that

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be ordered prior to publication. Reprints will be mailed approxi-

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of being perpetuated. The year's anatomical work would, for

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mation, you must examine what major financial hurdles

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has instituted its fellowship degree ; and the sciences selected

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introduction of which we are mainly indebted to the valuable

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detailed in this pamphlet was a case of typhoid fever

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Improving Adolescent Health, 1990; “Children 1990” Chil-

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mortality in this district would afford abundant evidence. I

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tected by copyright. Manuscripts may not be reproduced without

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other it acted merely as a palliative for the first night — after*

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within the last three years of my practice, and I find it

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with 50 employees or less, which has not provided any health

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participated in controlled clinical trials. ACCUPRIL has been evaluated for long-term safety in over 1400 patients treated for

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AHEC Teaching Conferences, Fridays, 12:00 noon, Fayetteville City Hospital

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as those upon gold and platina. With regard to metallic

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ter ; and the powers of the chemist are at fault, until the ma-

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low, little appetite, and increased thirst ; breathing short aod

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of the fingers being on this occasion of a very dark hue. It

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of Sulphur at various potencies in extremely susceptible patients.

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pubic fixation of the bladder neck in all patients. While

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