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record, reported by Dr. Albert G. Heyl in the American
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increase the sum of their knowledge of the healing art. Every
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In the Hospital of the Sisters of Charity (Homoeopathic),
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Parkston, SD. Medical education, University of South
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solution of the therapeutical operations of remedial agents.
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under an outstanding, and I will add “outspoken” leader, Dr.
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On the 16th of May the actual cautery w^as freely applied
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selves sufficiently satisfactory to give some weight to the above
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From this any one may easily see how irrational and arbi-
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then occui'red. In this condition the left leg is one inch shorter
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soluble in water. Albumen and Caseine^ though soluble,
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while it does not possess those properties of colostrum which
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method was found to be particularly advantageous, and often
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animals was within the historical control limits seen for the strain of mice used. The female mice were given
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and will shortly be published, are, Gentiana cruciata^ Br^onia^
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Aconite, Belladonna, Nux v., Pulsatilla, and Opium." We thei
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less likely to follow the regimens that have been estab-
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continued cough and copious bilious expectoration ; the chest
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of the stomach as far as the fourth intercostal space, or even
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putrid evacuations ; involuntary evacuations ; as Hahnemann
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the mouth, and excoriated the lower lip ; the tongue wan liki^-
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paid to fertility trends and differences by age, marital status,
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who die, the family receives another two years of pay. They
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folks and helping children who need it, but I think it’s