medicine described by the visitors in their report.
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of the tissues throughout the body. For by these it might at
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ing medical students that the physician's role in the
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But of the fats and fixed oils it cannot be said to he proved
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of two classes : — (1) general impressions or current opinions
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frequency and sharpness of pulse. It did not require repe-
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the broad results of their action. They do not make inquiry
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excommunicate all who do not abide by this great rule.'" It
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tists into the community. Successful research will attract
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tests and an EKG. No one knows if this would have saved the
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office. Orders cannot be accepted for less than 100 copies.
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wire which had been invented to keep the foot in position,
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of our pi'ofession. This is a reliable handbook of the years
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OF Dr. Watzkb and his Associates on thb Effects of Colo-
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ten years ago, when he suffered from constipation, blind
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as subjects of examination for that degree are among those
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girls would not be likely to remain long in the Hospital.
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part of this chapter is occupied by a bare enumeration of the
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depends upon the fact that, after having lasted a certain time,
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health is the greatest blessing, and contentment is the best
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This is a very opportune reprint of one of Hahnemann's
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metallic arsenic ; the solution thus obtained precipitates the
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r-H.-iM,-i,-i(?q CMC<|r-<rHCMCOCMCOC^fOCMG<lr-(
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any need or qfiportnnitj for the counteraction of morbid agencies.
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the pericardium may follow this application. But any other
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sponding to them ; whereas, if diluted, they would, perhaps,
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pational health setting and, if so, how much time was spent
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tions implement one of the formal programs for preju-
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• letail, and so does Konig, who gives clinical details of 48 cases
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found in the Gentralblatt fur Ghiriirgie, 1882, Nos. 3 to 22.
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Both of these complications were treated without hospitali-
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began to lessen and consolidate, the paralysis disappeared, and
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