Fayetteville. Medical education, UAMS, 1991. Residency,

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gical state Arsenic produces in the organs of hearing ; and,

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Emergency Medicine Didactic Conference 2, Thursdays, 1:00 p.m., UAMS Education Bldg., room G/110A&B

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alone inform the physician of the sphereof action of the medicine,

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Pediatric Conference, 3rd Wednesday, 12:00 noon, Jefferson Regional Medical Center

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3r/, To trace among these facts sequences or relations, par-

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ing, the seats rising too abruptly, and the book boards being

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The essay is Tina’ s entry for a contest sponsored by the Little

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might be described as a fairly strong, o-ood-lookino- woman.

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thus be increased. Notwithstanding this, there can be no

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which constitutes modern physiology. No doubt phenomena

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restrictions and with outpatient follow-up. She did not suffer

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other. Which of them is he to take for his guide 2 They

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ways been considered to be obstructed, were, on the contraiy,

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We also passed a program which I think will be a lot of

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Medical Conference (varying topics), 3rd Wednesday, 12:30 p.m., conference room, Bldg. 1, VAMC

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Burdach give it in paralysis of the lower limbs and of the sphincters

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Of all the H 2 -receptor antagonists, only Axid heals and

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murmur with similar distribution was distinctly heard. The

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we are sure to have our bottles frequently sent back, when

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She complained of a '' severe pain starting up from her

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Medical Conference (varying topics), 3rd Wednesday, 12:30 p.m., conference room, Bldg. 1, VAMC

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duced into the lower part of the tumour, and two ounces of a

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was indeed based on a true and immutable foundation. Since

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Xltro-Glycerine as a Remedy for Angina Pectoris. By

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the back or sacrum. Some difficulty in micturating is also

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gist of the latter part of this chapter is, firsts That the root vt

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ulcerated, and this caused the hsemorrhage. The body was very much

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have had syphilis. Cases came under observation where

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weaker and of short duration. Yohimbine’s peripheral autonomic nervous

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Central Paramedic Service in McCrory. He also serves on

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remedies to be used, he sums up his short notice by saying,-^