1984. Practice experience, 6 years. Board certified.

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Drs. Franz (left) and Bise shown completing a microsurgery procedure.

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the sounds became more and more near the ear. No friction

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paper? Here are some of The Journal's topics in search of an author.

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The Committee is not involved in any legal, moral or punitive judgements.

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accurately with Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield's

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engorgement of the blood-vessels in mitral disease ; * then the

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fered for two months from a dry cough, with complete loss of

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large volume of distribution, nizatidine is not expected to be efficiently removed from the body by this method.

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Next Easter, if God will, the second part of the Materia

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increase of the area dull to percussion, both in the direction

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ance. It was of a bright red colour and had an irregularly

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frequently find black, darkish, extravasated spots in the

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AHEC Teaching Conferences, Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 12:00 noon, Washington Regional Medical Center

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were also occasionally spoken of, but only in reply to question-

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the good-natured Materia Medica, where they afterwards

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Agoraphobia. The patient had been placed on alprazolam

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Dr Ferdinand Hebra, Professor of Skin Diseases in the General Hospi-

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Genetics Conference, Wednesdays, 12:00 noon, Sturgis Bldg., room 457