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produced by mechanical pressure on the trachea and blood-

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occasion be present. This patient had no evidence of structural heart disease. The results of 2D echocardiographic

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lated by both the state and federal government; and

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We are, therefore, indebted to the author of this little hand-

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it is of the greatest service when the action of the heart is not

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right to edit any material submitted. The publishers accept no re-

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that a morbid action at one part of the body is capable of pro-

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verapamil was not mutagenic in the Ames test. Pregnancy Category C. There are no adequate

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sponsibility for opinions expressed by the contributors.

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bradycardia: HR < 50/min (1.4%), AV block: total 1°,2°,3° (1.2%), 2° and 3° (0.8%), rash

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The subject of Inflammation is considered in the third

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In order to hedge against fluctuating interest rates,

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skin felt hot and dry, the face was flushed, the eyes sparkling,

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questioning on this subject not improving his position. He

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while it does not possess those properties of colostrum which

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heart failure, the administration of digitalis will often be

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be at any future period found necessary to put up a light

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of the district I have alluded to (in the midland counties)

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ration of which period, she called to return thanks ; having

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right. The Acts are a distinct State recognition and licensing