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those who do so, who officiate, in however humble a capacity,

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tions by destroying the excess of fibrine ; but their action in

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baccalaureate graduates to work in community health set-

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syllogisms, that enabled each leader of a sect to boast himself

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explain what had taken place. He was also asked to test with

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spirations per minute. She took Helleb. nig. 3, early in the

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he only thanked heaven devoutly for being delivered from

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looked that this (as also Brockman testifies, see Holscher's

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cation of warmth ; sensation of numbness, looseness, and even

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cancer cells may be after all the epithelium of the " mucous

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racter, on the serous and fibrous tissues. Among all the kinds

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canning jars whose lids were lined with aluminum foil.

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Surgeons Pathology Conference, 2nd Tuesday, 7:00 a.m. breakfast, Wadley Regional Medical Center

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format as stated above. We will return the diskette upon request.

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is increasingly practiced as a science rather than as an art.

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forms of Giirvatwre of the Spine. By William Adams,

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veins, having thin and delicate walls. Now the same forces,

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take courses leading to various degrees in Public Health.

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are, — " When the paralysis is semilateral, and the parts af-

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even disappear altogether. It must be remembered, however,

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pharmacists and members of the clergy. They get many

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in our health care system, but addresses aspects of

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#10 Corporate Hill Drive, Suite 300, Little Rock, Arkansas

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Oppbncbs and Penalties. — In the event of difierence between

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sistence and toxicity, aldrin, the parent compound, has

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the drawings have improved by the transference. Morton's

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ments. As you may know, further changes are likely before

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organism ; and thus it is only actual experience of the action

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are standing next to each other, and the smoker lights up a