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admission revealed cholelithiasis and some urethral

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have pathologic Q waves and inverted T waves suggestive of an anteroseptal myocardial infarction of undetermined

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insuring your financial future. We’re guarding your pro-

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in the following week hiccough came on, but always disappeared

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ing, by which they are gradually dried up, and come off in

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ciety, and not to be published without the authority of the president

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Whilst engaged, in our last number, in examining the pe-

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through a side door after requesting to use the restroom.

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upon as a low priority when stacked against the exigen-

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look for contraries — we maintain we should look for simi-

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ible scheduling, administrative support, and the opportunity for

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of Homoeopathy, edited by Dr. W. Fleischmann, Dr. C.

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and essences of all the principal disedses incident to the human body, are

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according to the measure of the advance of his knowledge and^

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substantial injury had been received — at any rate, that no

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functioning islet cell tumor, there will be 125 patients with

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the disposition of nizatidine s simkar to that in normal subjects.

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In the inflammatory form of the disease, where it is neces-

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it so happens that, in most cases, it is not possible to distin-

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inguinal hernia, and who habitually wore a truss, had, tog6«

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sity of Oklahoma College of Medicine, 1985. Internship/

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tion. This delay had to be due to some oversight or

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providers who perform invasive procedures should know

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nity as a whole, as well as contribute to better and

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of elderly men and women, who often go over to Homoeopathy,

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condition(s), the consultation codes should not be used.

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Radiology Conference, third Tuesday, 12:00 noon, Jefferson Regional Medical Center

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The last paper advertised in " The Descriptive Catalogue of

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stance that rest increases many of the symptoms produced by

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consent and permitting research uses of the specimens

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• EMC processing is offered to providers at NO CHARGE.

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indicated in anxious patients. Benzodiazepine compounds

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morbidity and mortality among health care personnel?

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ever, the first step in correct treatment is correct diagno-