partner, occupational exposure to infected blood or blood

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cases where, when the vagina was absent, the urethra was

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to take such active measures for his suppression as lay within their

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Surgeons will meet Saturday, April 11th, from 12:30

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The safety and effectiveness of ACCUPRIL in children have not been established.

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pathology the morbid, then we can estimate the amount of the aberration

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appointment of examiners to special subjects ; (2) The intro-

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interfere, as the tumour was supposed to communicate with

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larger arteries are tense and full of blood. The resistance

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the Healing art. Excellent treatises have also been written

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pubic fixation of the bladder neck in all patients. While

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1 . Brown PM, Johnson KW. The difficulty of quantifying the severity of carotid stenosis.

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residents surveyed would prefer to practice in mid- to large-

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family had previously been affected with scarlatina, others

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times to the night-stool without any result, and he still felt as

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4039. Is it your opinion that those persons you have referred

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On the 18th, there was scarcely any difficulty in swallow-

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original and one copy should be submitted. Pages should be num-

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A Hint in using Chrysophanic Acid.— Dr. G. H. Fox,

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Gilbert Rule, principal, and Mr. Wm. Crichton, convener, as a

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of the British Medical Association, jVIi-. Gray, in a paper on " Milk as

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senting clinical findings to a patient, for example, wait-

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there, during the thirteen months the little patient lived, the

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very difficult cases. Both the employer and the employee

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