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35,017 in 1988, a 5.7% drop. However, this gross decrease

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for the interest of its readers and do not represent the official

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were only six students in attendance at my reception

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prenatal care through accessing the spiritual support,

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the patient. Evaluation should be performed 72 to 96 hours

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as foreign substances deposited from the atmosphere, as coal

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I now administered, by way of experiment, at first in gentle, after-

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such conditions occasions, no doubt, the risk of an extension

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conception of the forces that influence the vital economy, is

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What then is the curative action of these remedies ?

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ministering to it the evil will be circumscribed. No one could

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Surgery Grand Rounds, Saturdays, 8:30 a.m., ACRC 2nd floor conference room

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* Institute non- traditional office hours such as evening

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Amongst its first effects, we have stillness, great despond-

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effect after ulceration has occurred in this situation. On

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of the college. It owed its very existence to their predecessors

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plement) ; experiment in such a manner as gradually to accumulate

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requires the medical profession to be ever diligent in granting

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tions, inasmuch as they neutralize them, and cannot subsist

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day thereafter (1 9th March) the measles' eruption appeared

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doses. As a rule, a heavy dull headache situated over the

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acting on the nerves, we cannot say that any known medicine

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tion, Little Rock. Bom, June 25, 1954, Malvern. Medical

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in the middle of the thigh and in the calf of the leg, and

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Shortly after dinner while walking in the open air, oozing from

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Every change or modification of any given symptom is

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force of the above experiments, and denying from them very similar infe-

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this fact is, that (when taken in the food) no dynamical action

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revealed that this patient’s four calls to his cardiologist had

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in gynaecology, we cordially recommend its 'careful penisal.

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think we ought to spend if we get any new money at all. And