and painful. Renewed bleeding and a warm bath were resorted to.
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For a free copy of “Clinical Opportunities for Smoking Intervention:
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© Copyright 1990 Personnel Pool of America, Inc. An H&R BLOCK* Company. An Equal Opportunity Employer, M/
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Education: Medical Students Respond" Over 100 medi-
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are: Francis R. Buchanan, M.D., Little Rock; John D.
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excels in the parts devoted to pharmacy and to the methods of
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of sleep for amitriptyline and imipramine or with nortrip-
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condition so common in dissecting rooms being thus avoided.
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Bom January 6, 1956, Montrose, CO. Medical education.
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cate that patient satisfaction is directly correlated with
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viction that the evil would be only temporary. The young
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20-24 year olds dropped by approximately six points).
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way we sharpen and focus issues in American politics. But
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*** Dr. Becton is an associate professor of Pediatrics with the
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should go to bed. The best way of employing these two hours
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within her domain, all knowledge to be comprised within her
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readily compared with those obtained by Franz and Gross.
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hand, a superficial skin affection, with all the appearance of
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morbid phenomena. Consequently, we almost always find the
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do not give us any, not even the slightest, information upon
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currently has full and part-time staff physician opportunities at
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mach. He further thinks it likely that they may aid in the
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conviction. This arouses into action the dormant original sin
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Louisiana State University Medical Center, Baton Rouge,
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who advises that the drug should be dissolved in cod-liver oil,
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community called to task for the disproportionately small
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either to indicate its peculiar fitness in certain diseases^ or to
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increased, the drug acting as a tonic to the heart and vessels ;
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Alcohol stimulates and intoxicates both healthy and sickly,
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discover for each a suitable trustworthy remedy, and this (as
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the Physician Payment Reveiw Commission, it will be
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