exactness, memory alone not being sufficient to be trusted
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still more certainly, by neutralizing the carbonic acid.
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portation are required to travel greater distances in order
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enhancing mass in the C-P angle could be confused with an acoustic neuroma, but the lesion extends along the entire
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are about 250 inches of " residual " air in the thorax, and the
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been produced by nervous causes, and less evident wdien
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Also in Rauwolfia Serpentina (L) Benth. Yohimbine is an indolalkylamine
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Surgery Basic Sciences Conference, 1st Saturday, 7:30 a.m., ACRC 2nd floor conference room
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Obstetrics / Gynecology Conference, 2nd Tuesday, 12:00 noon, Jefferson Regional Medical Center
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students; is well lighted and heated, and has thus far given
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convulsivum by means of Nux vomica. This is, however, a
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bromide of sodium has an action like that of bromide of
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I CARE of Arkansas is dedicated to quality patient care that is safe,
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AHEC Lecture Series, 1st & 3rd Tuesday, 12:00 noon, Stroud Hall, St. Bernards Regional Medical Center. Lunch provided.
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sites are known even to harbour there for an unlimited time,
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ately. To achieve compliance, 21 of these hospitals
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of gastritis, and there are so few on record, as having cott^
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have failed to relieve it? If we cannot deny it, we must
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Contributor: Charles R. Fielder, M.D., is associated with Ludwig, Fielder and Bevans in North Little
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tigations, we have occasion to trace among successive events
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digitoxin. The digoxin dose should be reduced when verapamil is given, and the patient carefully
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passage of the Medicaid provider excise tax, passage of
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More members and spouses must seek office - elective
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mation. The mere history^ the totality of symptoms alone, is
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ber of minor propositions, which, taken together, imply the
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* Professional liability insurance furnished $1 , 000, 000/$3, 000,000
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8. Respiration soon becomes laborious, and ceases entirely
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Dobie are responsible to him for the loss of his child, because,
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and of less uncertainty, (Nos. 4071, 4072.) Mr. Cooke, from
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It is apparent that this last is the true nature and description
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been forthcoming from that great institution in American
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with it, or from some one or thing belonging to, or that has been
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In this, the last order of Restorative Hsematics, a number
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visitors give no uncertain answer, " The aim and plan of the
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bonates, and thus reacting on the secretions as alkalies. And
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