in the nurse, and the occurrence of the catamenia during nurs-

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ing, aching in the stomach or epigastrium, violent ab-

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and here also any deficiency can be supplied by oral instruc-

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178 Dii. Napier — A Case of Eczema of the N'ipple and Areola,

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A lot of them are becoming food companies, for example.

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bestowed on his case by the so-called observer, with, as the

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unsuccessful ventures. Try to remain sensitive to changes in

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petite, or only appetite for particular things; the thirst is

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B. That all facilities create a culturally friendly environ-

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Medical Association’s division of student services located

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departments concerned in the teaching of medicine. The

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sitting on the bank of a pond, and asked the frog to

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stantial description of a case of disease in all its symptoms as

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somewhat glutinous blood ; a collection of serum is seen in the

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perinseum without finding the bowel. The matter is then

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very present itself? This, however, I have no doubt is

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inodorous, leaving a styptic taste, and readily soluble in fats,

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6. National Center for Health Statistics: Monthly Vital

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Established Patient - An established patient is one who

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members-at-large, and seven resident student spouses.

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Basically nearly everybody needs two years beyond high

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almost entirely of omentum, with a piece of bowel about

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the Fifth International Conference on AIDS; Montreal, Que-

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into the wound that it was discovered that the structure con-

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and dumbness; 5 cataract, fungus, fistula; 57 scrofulous ophthalmia;

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and the lip soon resumed a healthy appearance ; but soon

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each end to make a double layer and a #1 proline suture

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On the other hand, animal is more easily digested than vege-

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ature was lowered in 48 hours from 5° to 7° F., the fall of

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these continuing medical education activities meet the criteria for the credit hours specified in Category I of the Physician s Recognition

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arsenal against AIDS and it is especially important that