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charge barrier. Once the charge barrier is lost, albumin,

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normal histology, and forms a very excellent introduction to

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the same plan pursued towards a healthy man would end in

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Postmaster: Said address changes to: The Journal of the

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tongue continued very dry, and was covered with a dark coat-

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* These instructions are presented as a teaching tool. The user,

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The most common of the symptoms complained of in using

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condition that they are contributed solely to this journal. Material

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tific world. Its publication has effected immense good, by

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indicators of quality of life and need for LTC in the

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This “Building Bridges Campaign” has great potential in

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by the various acrid substances used in domestic practice. — (]The ex-

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which effort was succeeded by violent uterine contractions,

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dried in a water-bath, and reduced to powder. This was boiled for

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breast denoted by the black arrows. There is incidental notation of benign "popcorn type” calcification in the left breast of little

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count for the peculiarities of organized matter ; nor have they

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councilor. It is recommended that the councilors in

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with optimum digitalization and/or diuretics before Calan SR is used. Verapamil may occasionally

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gans, or of a system of organs, or of the whole organism itself ;

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12. Will there continue to be a new patient and es-

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nursing facility) all evaluation and management serv-

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may be employed in very various doses, as from the undiluted

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Introducing ClaimMet, Int . An independently owned third

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entitled "Patient Education: A Family Affair." The first

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G. Y., aged 17, had been affected several years with en-

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of Town Council on 23d October, Dr. Russell, in his report on

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surgeons and physicians to the hospitals, who examine the

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At the end of the six months the following pills are prescribed :

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tion, University of Missouri, Columbia, 1965. Internship,

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has instituted its fellowship degree ; and the sciences selected

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grain of caffeine can give to an ounce of bile the nitrogen it

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London ; Victor Massol^ M.D-, London ; Thomas Engall, M.R.C.S., Lon-

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as infectious diseases in circumscribed spots afford.*' In