air fairly pure. The stimulus to respiration is the effect of
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examinations of those two Licensing bodies are considerably
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Endocrine -Clinical nharmacolcigy studies and controfied cincal trials showed no
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physician with pain in his low back with some radiation into
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all meetings of the Council, (2) serve as Chairman of
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matic. The specimen presented was a solid yellow-gray
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despise them so much that he, in a sense, apologises to the
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chondriasis and hysteria (p. 94 to 97), prove anything in favour
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they are usually found in the fundus of the stomach, and in
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has taken plk.ce, and where the tonsils are already suppurated, even
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ation was quickly followed by two pap-like stools ; then burning in
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VA Physical Medicine & Rehab Grand Rounds, fourth Friday, 1 1 :30 a.m., VAMC-NLR Bldg. 68, room 118 or B aptist Rehab Institute
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peared to give the War in the Persian Gulf most of their
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Radiology Conference, 3rd Tuesday, 12:00 noon, Jefferson Regional Medical Center
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Portal veins, and then pass through the liver; and believes
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patient this weekend and I take care of Doctor Smith’s
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shown to be safe and effective when administered by a
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el^mistry to exist in plants, even in such as possess the most
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The Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society reserves the
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May 15, 1959, Pasadena, TX. Medical education, Univer-
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care clinic in Millington, T ennessee (Memphis area).
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will address differentiation between depression and normal
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the selection of a site ; of their dimensions, -construction, and
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occurred. In 1870 the same battalion, 599 men, stationed at
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Surgery Case Conference, 2nd Wednesday, 12:00 noon. Assembly room
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in his admirable directions for the treatment of fever, in which
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to aid in the erection of Hahnemann's monument. We shall
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tumour, whicli l)y its growth gradually bent l)ack the cerebral
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themselves to be always as exactly similar to themselves, as
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ment of Health, Office of Rural Health and Primary Care,
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came dull and boring. A little after half-past eight o'clock, a moderately
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Hence, if a deaf patient presents himself for treatment, having
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the system which presented groups of phenomena diametri- :
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complished. The actions of medicines in the blood, and their
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ing the terror which precedes its slaughter. I am not here
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selected as the first female president of the 105 year old
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brought forward by our author on the cause of motion in ani-
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the bladder, exactly between, and a little in advance of the