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position — chief of staff, department chairman, committee

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condition that they are contributed solely to this journal. Material

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Dr. Cluckie, being of opinion that an operation was necessary

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On the 7th December, all traces of the former action of the medi-

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2. The very great difficulty of distinguishing the exact

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depended either on constriction or relaxation of the tissues,

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Works by Horace Dobell, M.D.," to which we referred, is one

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1201 Fleming Avenue • Jonesboro, AR 72403 • (501) 932-0440

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In this affection a piece of cotton is saturated with the

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SGPT was >2,000 KJ/L The cadence of elevated ver enzymes overa: 1 arc

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in post-r)iortem examination, I subjoin it. It is given by Dr.

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concerned, there is no ground for difference of opinion ; and we have only

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Anatomy has at all times been the backbone of a school of

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His face, neck, and arms are tatooed with gunpowder, now