backs. The strips react preferentially with albumin and are
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Dr. Cassells' translation of Professor Politzer's Lehrbuch
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course of an hour or two, as soon as he had taken his ordinary
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I have seen Pulsatilla, 30, as effective after a sumptuous din-
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not the least doubt, since it is homoeopathic ; but we do doubt
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of the absorbents ; while after adhesion of the skin in the
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smallest measures Virth of a line. The number of gold frag-
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Belladonna dilates the pupil ; and Strychnia augments mus-
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followed by a decided increase of the disease and its concomit-
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his speech. His health was perfectly restored within a fortnight by tke
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alkaline treatment in hyperplastic conditions, the result of
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some of his subse(|uent statements. Thus, he says — " Alopecia
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4071. So that I suppose you would not put forward the
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It is easier to find fault than to teach. After pointing out
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After we have ascertained the action of a medicine, so as
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brethren, who, having an opinion contrary to mine, tried various kinds
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tical physician, should have hitherto aspired. In the prefaces to his
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KA. Effects of long-term verapamil therapy on serum lipids and other metabolic
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ample time is allowed to the candidate to show what he really
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sides other complaints, with an apoplectic palsy of the right side, and
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of these serous efi'usions in 7 of the cases is readily accounted
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the symptoms of disease. The pain in the knee which occurs in
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less than what would be expected. Further questioning of
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nursing, particularly medical nursing. A good deal of the
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chyle, is formed, which is then taken up by the lacteal absorb-,
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obtruded themselves on his notice ; the reserve which he displays in the
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8d trituration, a dose (gr. j.) every two or three days.
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Trauma Morbidity & Mortality Conference, date & time varies monthly, ACRC 2nd floor conference room
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elimination, which has been more or less approved, though
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Ae term in a twofold sense,-^firBt, in his '< vital force," which is
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the size of a small walnut l)elo\v and to the outside. The
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does he make much greater discoveries with his microscope,
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may be formed in the bladder by the decomposition of the
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and that the patient can talk, drink wine, and move herself
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terity a certain unfailing remedy for any such case that may
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Faculty Resident Seminar, third Thursday, 12:00 noon, Sturgis Auditorium
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ity without treatment is low; there is little or no risk
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rate said policy into his practice, both the family