appearing in The Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society is pro-

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therapy. Sinus bradycardia, 2nd-degree AV block, sinus arrest, pulmonary edema and/or severe

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deep pressure in that situation ; but an incision, nearly an

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On the other hand, animal is more easily digested than vege-

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after an attack. — " Confining ourselves," he says, " to the pre-

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member should, therefore, be extremely careful to maintain

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court, with over 70 % of our claims resulting in no

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Sleep Case Conference, Fridays, 12:00 noon. Call BMC ext. 1902 for location. Lunch provided

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stration of dextran 40: implications concerning percutaneous transluminal

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But what grates against that system is, if judges and

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and the posterior wall of the pharynx, are best left alone, for

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The author conceives the disease to be propagated by the patient

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may be partly accounted for by deficiency of her appetite,

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ness " no doubt lessens our wonder. We find whole pages

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Constitution and Bylaws that were approved in final

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that it does not corrode or injure the instruments used.

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dkecting the attention of medical men, previously too little

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strongest conviction imparts, that ovariotomy should be per-

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bers of the medical team as well as by his or her own

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RR intervals surrounding the PVC’s are longer. The effect of the PVC on the following PR interval is termed concealed

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the direction of diminishins^ or abolishino- the secretion, is not

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was the most unpopular vote I cast. It was much more

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didn't they? Because of the action of the University of

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in the same town, into which, in the same month of the year 1813,

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stood in Trongate, immediately to the West of the Tron

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I CARE of Arkansas is dedicated to quality patient care that is safe,

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of judging of all its consequences. Some members rose and spoke firmly

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the use of gargles. In all forms of phagedgenic or gangrenous

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catalyst if you will, FAITH IN GOD. Patient and physician

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sions for asthmatic attacks and for failing to evaluate

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ous Cathartics which have the power of acting specifically,

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voluntarily displaces it, and the moment he relaxes the