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defer my account of the proceedings till I can give a condensed sum-
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Surgical Jounuil, 1S56J; Gunshot Wounds and Haemorrhage;
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continued. The material was still hard, and only passed in small
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noticed several. Eber, who was specially entrusted with the clinique
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Condition on Examination. — Slight opacity of both lenses; wasting;
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and the small amount of emphysema seemed quite inadequate to ac-
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seen little but benign cases which developed regularly and rapidly.
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Horace refers to the nerves but little. The word ** nervus " stands for
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doubtedly of reflex origin, due to the pain in the inflamed pericardium.
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difficult to settle the question ; study of other microbes has shown that
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We began to consider whether the case was one of tuberculosis.
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Nearly 200 were counted on the different lobes, and sections revealed
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having commenced to waste to a marked degree, lo c.c. of a one per
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to get up in the night, struck his leg, whilst walking across his booth,
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autopsy all these animals showed multiple visceral lesions, but
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■mortem examinations are all appointed for the same hour, and it
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medical as well as lay priests, so that scarcely any deaths occur amongst
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found in the pressure-treatment of aneurism. Sir William Fergusson
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election, and should be remunerated by annual salary, and not accord-
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cultation of the right lung revealed the same liquid sounds as on the
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Despite the accidents which have followed administration of excessive
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imjiortant reform in the medical profession will be attended with suc-
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region, which are by far the commonest and most interesting to the
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XVI. Lymphangitis and multiple abscesses in the horse, due to the presence
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returns of these cases of acute rheumatism, is the vei-y small numbers of
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dard Rogers as one of the Inspectors of Public Vaccination in the
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means perfect. We want an examination which shall aid the teacher
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law Board insisted upon proper waiting and consulting rooms, and these
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receiving in addition daily doses of i^ to 3 ounces of sulphate of soda.
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congestive and hsemorrhagic lesions in the nervous centres, particularly
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dressing was removed, and the wounds irrigated with a i per 1000
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tnTcate expensive and irremediable degeneration of he kidney. In all
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38*4° C. The same treatment was continued, but in addition eight
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tion of the pus revealed numerous bacilli. This poodle lived in the
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